Piano Lessons for K-12 Students & Adults

My piano curriculum for K-12 students and adults involves music theory, piano performance, ensemble, and improvisation. I use a variety of lesson books such as those published by Alfred Music and Faber Piano Adventures. Classical and pop music pieces are incorporated into my lessons as well. I also utilize various kinds of rhythm and solfège instruments to help my students better understand music concepts and theory. In addition, I welcome students who wish to learn how to play piano using chords.

Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

My piano curriculum for 3 to 4-year-olds focuses on allowing them to learn general music concepts by 1) moving their bodies to different rhythms and melodies, 2) exploring various kinds of instruments, 3) expressing music on the piano, and 4) thinking and talking about what they have learned. The lessons will cover topics such as: finger numbers; music alphabets; how to keep a steady beat; basic rhythm values; dynamics; tempo; basic improvisation.

Certificate of Merit Preparation

Certificate of Merit (CM) is a standardized music curriculum developed by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC). CM evaluates students in performance, technique, sight reading, ear training, and music theory. As an active member of MTAC, I offer CM preparation for interested students. Please refer to the MTAC website for further information.

Performance Opportunities

Students have regular performance opportunities including semi-annual recitals and multiple music festivals. For information on events organized by the MTAC Torrance Branch, please visit the site below.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Music Students’ Service League (MSSL)-Torrance Branch is a service-based community outreach program organized by students of the MTAC Torrance Branch teachers. Throughout the year, several opportunities will be given to Middle School and High School participants to perform at various venues in the area such as hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. MSSL-TB members may also help the branch in the way of providing assistance at Branch activities. Sharing their talents in helpful ways and lifting the spirits of their audience members are just a few benefits that MSSL-TB members will experience.

Lessons are available in English and Korean.